Why do I need GAT+ if I have Google Workspace Enterprise ?

While Google has improved reporting and control with its Enterprise edition of Google Workspace, in our opinion, the Admin console for Enterprise still falls far short from what Admins really need to fully understand and manage their Google Workspace Domain. As always, GAT+ aims to complement and enhance what you can do in the Google Workspace console. Our goal is to make it easy for you to see the big picture and control the small details.

The best way to demonstrate this is through some examples. Imagine the following use cases.

Why do I need GAT+ when I already have Google Workspace Enterprise ? 1

Meaningful crunched reports in ‘1 click’

What Admins really need is all the information, for every user, for every Drive, crunched into meaningful ‘1 click’ reports, with powerful overviews, and multiple top views. GAT+ not only covers the files of your users, but also the files of external users sharing into your domain. This critically important view is only available in GAT+.

We also present Admins with eight other views of their Drive data. Each view is integral to a proper understanding of what is really going on in your Google Workspace Drive.

  • You get reports not only on files shared out, but also on files shared in
  • With GAT+ not only can you search by metadata, but you can also search by file content
  • Any report you build, you can turn into a scheduled report
  • With GAT+ you get powerful overviews with data already processed for you
  • You’ll notice right away that ‘Events’ is just one of the report tables for Drive

How does our GAT+ Drive DLP solution stack up against Google Workspace Enterprise?

Google has a single approach to DLP, that is scanning for reg ex. on files and emails in storage. GAT takes two approaches, scanning for reg. ex. on only documents shared out of the domain, done in GAT+, and scanning for all sensitive content while it is being typed, done with GAT Shield.

Google’s DLP allows Admins to search for all content with a regex. on all files on the drive all the time. GAT+ focuses only on content that is shared out from Drive to external users. Google’s DLP focuses only on Drive and eMail. On the other hand, GAT Shield scans for reg ex. on all web pages and can catch things in real-time like company credit cards being used on eBay. While it does not cover data at rest, it covers far more use situations by watching every web page in real-time.

Use cases

Leaving User

Let’s say employee X is leaving the company, perhaps rather too quickly. Now you need to find all the files they shared out in the last 2 weeks and revoke those shares, or even get more granular and keep the shares made out to customers and only revoke those made out to unknown gmail accounts.

With GAT+ and GAT Unlock the above can be done in a few simple clicks.

Why do I need GAT+ when I already have Google Workspace Enterprise ? 2

Spam Email

The entire domain has been hit with a spam email. Some people have opened it already and now you need to get in there and remove it from every mailbox before it becomes a business crippling issue. GAT+ lets you find the email in every box it exists and GAT Unlock allows you to permanently remove it in one action. It only takes a simple search for Admins, followed by 3 or 4 clicks to remove.

Why do I need GAT+ when I already have Google Workspace Enterprise ? 3

Domain Connections Graph

You’re asked to create a report that shows all the domains you share files to, all the domains that share files to your domain, as well as the volume of sharing to each domain. With GAT+, it will only take you a single click to complete.

Why do I need GAT+ when I already have Google Workspace Enterprise ? 4

On/Offboarding Users in Google

You’re onboarding and offboarding 10 to 100 employees a month. You need a way to do this easily, in bulk, for each department. From giving each employee the correct email signature and sending the right department welcome email, to preloading their accounts with the correct departmental file access, adding the correct procedure files to their account, filling their address books with the right seed data, etc. GAT Flow – Onboarding automates all this for you. When offboarding employees you need a simple way to gather their files and emails to a safe account and reduce the license’s cost, GAT Flow – Offboarding takes care of it. A big internal move? GAT Flow – Modify will do the job.

Why do I need GAT+ when I already have Google Workspace Enterprise ? 5

Users Activity

Need to understand exactly how your users are spending their time and what resources they’re using? GAT Shield is the best tool to do so, offering you ‘minute by minute’ employee time reporting.

Why do I need GAT+ when I already have Google Workspace Enterprise ? 6

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