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Shares Out – Shares In – Shares Internally – Top Externals

Sometimes it is good to be able to quickly get a table of some key metrics. A common question is ‘Who shares out the most documents?’, often followed by ‘Who shares in the most?’.

Shares Out

GAT+ makes answering these three questions very easy. For the first part, go to the User Audit and select the ‘Drive Productivity’ tab. There you will see a column, ‘Shared Out’. The Drive Productivity tab shows files which are exclusively owned by your local users. The Shared Out column indicates the files shared to external users from other domains. Click on the heading will be the most to the top.

GAT+: Shares Out, Shares In, Shares Internally, Top Externals 1

There are a few other notable headings such as Public and Public with link which provide valuable insight. Public means these files are accessible from anywhere on the internet. Public with link means that these files are only available from a definite URL which can be shared with anyone.

Shares Internally

The second part is knowing ‘Internal’ file sharing. Internal means these files are shared only with local users on your domain and with no one outside.

GAT+: Shares Out, Shares In, Shares Internally, Top Externals 2

Clicking on any one of the numbers shows you the files behind the number, allowing you to quickly identify who the shares are ‘to’.

Shared In files

In the User audit Drive tab which is adjacent to Drive Productivity tab is where you will find the ‘shared in’ column. Shared in files can be sorted like other headings, once sorted it will rank the most files shared into a user’s account.

GAT+: Shares Out, Shares In, Shares Internally, Top Externals 3

Click on any number to see the details of the files behind the number, including who it is shared with, shared from, number of visits, sharing rights, last accessed, etc.

As with all the User Audit report tabs, each tab can be subject to further filtering, so you can find the information above for all the members of a particular Organization Unit or a particular group, or for Admins or accounts that match particular name criteria, etc.

Top Externals  – Who ‘outside’ is sharing in the most?

Find in a single click the top external users sharing documents into your domain.
On the GAT+ side menu click on ‘One Click Reports’ and select ‘External Users – Docs’.

GAT+: Shares Out, Shares In, Shares Internally, Top Externals 4

Sort on the second column ‘Owns (not ours)’ to see which external users share in the most files.

GAT+: Shares Out, Shares In, Shares Internally, Top Externals 5

Remember, from a security perspective a document shared in with edit rights is just as dangerous from a security perspective as a document shared out (a point often missed by other tools).

From this table you can also see and sort by rank the external domain users that have access to your files, these can be ranked by volume and by type of access (Edit or View access).

GAT+ not only allows you to see the big picture but to ‘zoom in’ very quickly.

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