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GAT+ allows admins to perform searches by applying extensive filter options.

GAT+ has a new operator In (comma separated value) Not In (comma separated value).

This operator allows the admin to search multiple values separated by commas.

This is very useful for all text fields like IDs or Emails.

This may be very useful if the admin wants to extract a list of files by their ID.

How to Extract a Lift of Files by their ID

Search Multiple Values Separated by Commas 1

Simply search and add a list of files that contain the file IDs, then use the (in or not in) filter and search for multiple values at once.

Filter Multiple IDs

Those operations allow us to filter multiple IDs by simply adding them in a list and separating them by a comma.

In this example, we can filter a list of users by searching for list of emails, separating the values with a comma.

Search Multiple Values Separated by Commas 2

In the above examples we add the values manually, but if we have a big list of values for File IDs or Email lists for example (and other text values).

Import Function

We can use the Import function. This will allow an admin to import back a JSON format file, that contains a big list of values separated by a comma.


As an example, if the admin has a list of File IDs or list of Email addresses that need to be filtered, this filter option can be ideal.

Note: The importer works only for the JSON file type. If the list of data is in a spreadsheet format, it has to be converted into JSON file.

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