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Do you have a critical audit or alert policies that you would like to run more often?

GAT allows for key policy and security checks to be run every time a scan is run, not just on a scheduled basis.

GAT Shield: Scan for Policy Violations Every Time You Log In 1

For the critical jobs, in the GAT ‘Scheduled Reports’ table select the job you want to run as often as a scan is run. Under “Occurrence” drop-down menu select, ‘After every scan’ and then save by clicking ‘Save’.

This choice means that this rule, job or policy check will be run every time a scan is run. This will include any scan run by any of the other scheduled tasks you have and anytime Admin logs in. So if you had a rule that was being enforced daily, it now might be enforced a dozen times a day and across your entire domain. This will bring global rule enforcement as close to real-time as possible.

This comes with a large computing cost and is a major breakthrough for GAT.

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