6 Absolute Essentials to Managing Remote Workforces

Let’s Help you Manage those Remote Teams better!

 Last year, only a couple of weeks from the start of the pandemic, we published our blog piece 11 Hidden Perks of Remote Work. In it we highlight some of the spectacular advantages a well-structured work from home policy can offer your business. Including, of course, the huge ‘disease containment’ benefit.

Little did we know that pandemic was on the way to spark an unprecedented need for work from home globally! — That wasn’t much on the radar for many of us back then. 

While we’ve been practising remote work here at GAT Labs for a long time and offer powerful tools to support its various aspects, you can confidently say ‘we know our way well around it’. 

With that, we’ll be sharing with you today the wisdom of our experience to help you smooth out and secure your work from home transition, in as little time as possible.

Your 6 Essentials to a Comprehensive Work from Home Transition

There are many things you can explore to make this work from home move easier for your business and employees. However, below are 6 essentials you need to check off your list first.

Cloud Collaboration Tools 

Google Workspace work from home

Cloud collaboration tools are the blood and veins of your work from home transition. They allow your employees to work easily, collaborate in real-time and get things done faster remotely.

To that end, you need to make sure that you’re using the RIGHT collaboration tools for your business needs. 

For starters, ensure that every resource your team needs is kept in the cloud. Utilize shared Drives. Reap the power of cloud calendar apps and Groups for team collaboration.

One tool we also use to boost our cloud collaboration at GAT is Asana which helps us organise, allocate and streamline project management easily. 

Check out our blog piece 5 Google Workspace Practices to Shake Up Team Collaboration for additional ideas on collaboration in Google Workspace.


A Powerful Security Tool

GAT GSuite Security

With the rise of cloud, collaboration comes a greater need for cloud security. Securing your cloud environment against insider and outsider threats should be a priority, always. 

According to the World Economic Forum, Hackers are targeting people’s increased dependence on digital tools amid the COVID-19 outbreak. 

The last thing any of us needs now is a security woe to add to our troubles. That’s why you need to make sure that your cloud environment is 100% protected using the right Security tool

The right cloud security tool should provide you with (at least) the following:

  1. Powerful Data loss protection (DLP)
  2. The ability to monitor employees’ activity
  3. Vigilant user identity authentication
  4. Robust access and ownership management for shared documents/ drives
  5. Domain-wide auditing of files


Employee Monitoring Tool


You hired your employees, which of course means you trust them to do the job. That doesn’t mean that team productivity analysis isn’t pivotal. Especially when managing remote employees where it’s harder to get a sense of how they use their time. 

A granular team performance analysis tool like GAT Shield for Chrome offers accurate user activity monitoring by the minute. This enables you to generate precise reports for management, understand what projects that consume the most time, plan your team’s capacity better and work seamlessly.


Home Office Space

Work from home

Know your employees’ basic needs and help them create a productive home office. That, of course, will depend on your industry. Which can vary from specific equipment to stationary, devices and more.

Below is a simple checklist of some basic things your employees may need to make an efficient home office space:

  1. Updated Devices. Make sure your employees have secure, up-to-date computer devices to use for work. These can either be office-supplied or personal devices that are properly vetted for efficiency and security by your IT team.
  2. Comfortable Monitors. Yes! Many remote workers are currently struggling with having to work on smaller laptops after being used to large in-office screens and double screens even.
  3. High-Speed Internet Access. Not everyone has high-speed internet access at home. Some people share limited Internet subscriptions with others at their house.

You’ll want to ensure that all of your remote workers have reliable and high-speed internet access they need. 

You can help them by recommending trusted providers, offer monetary contributions or help them upgrade their current subscription plans and get better deals.

In that regard, UK mobile networks for instance are now boosting data limits during this Covid-19 isolation period.


Ergonomic Chairs/ Special Support

Work from home furniture

Make sure employees who suffer from physical issues such as back problems or require special needs have the assistance they normally get at the office to do their jobs comfortably at home.

You can allow them to borrow their office equipment if possible/ or offer them a special stipend to buy the furniture they need.


Video Meetings and Team Chat Tool

Work from home tools

A reliable video conferencing allows you to build virtual meeting rooms on-demand to substitute the need for physical on-premise meetings. 

Coupled this with a team chat tool, your employees will feel constantly connected just as if they were sitting next to each other at the office (- all the office chat & distraction).

In line with the increasing demand for remote work, earlier this month Google announced free access to its advanced Hangouts Meet video-conferencing capabilities to all Google Workspace and Google Workspace for Education customers globally.

And last but not the least, make sure your employees always have total privacy at home when holding remote video meetings to avoid going viral for little accidents ?

Work from Home Privacy

If you have any questions about managing your remote teams or how GAT can support you through this remote business transition, feel free to contact us here. We’ll be happy to help. 

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