11 Hidden Perks of Remote Work that Make it a Winning Choice for Your Business

Your Employees Will Do their Best Work Remotely, Here’s Why

A few days ago I came across this Ted Series, The Way We Work, and was appalled to hear that out of 3 Billion working people worldwide, only 40% would say they’re happy at work.

That’s almost 1.8 billion people unhappy where they work. Such a STAGGERING number, don’t you think?

It then got me thinking: Today’s workplace is in constant revolution — with that, what can businesses do to address this shocking global phenomena?

Well, for starters, let’s face it, working 9 hours a day, 5 days a week, in the same cubicle, is just, well, ‘unnatural’. No matter how much your employees love their jobs or their colleagues, it still takes a toll on them somehow in the long term.

Luckily, today more companies around the world are discovering the unmatched benefits of remote work (or a distributed workforce ) (thanks to cloud computing technology coupled with employee audit and management tools).

At such a booming rate, we can easily predict that office work might become obsolete for certain jobs very soon (Mark my words!). With that, hopefully we can see a positive change in the shocking numbers above soon.

The Future of Work is Remote

We at GAT Labs strongly believe that an ‘open remote work culture’ will continue to define the future of work over the coming years. That’s why we created tools that help Google Workspace domains achieve just that.

Ready to test your business’s capacity for a more open remote work culture?

1. Tap into the GLOBAL Talent Pool ?


According to Matthew Hollingsworth, DOP at We Work Remotely, “Thousands of qualified people come to WWR monthly looking for remote work. We’ve seen the companies that embrace it leading the way in attracting the best talent.

Talent and skill are distributed equally around the world. Remote work allows you to find just the right talent you’re looking for beyond geographic limitations.

2. Your Employees Can Create their Optimum Work Environment


Matt Mullenweg, CEO of Automatic, identified the basic problem of office work as employees’ lack of control over their work environment.

We all thrive differently! — Some function better in a completely silent and still environment. Others, like myself, need the noise for their brains to stay buzzing with creativity.

There are countless variables to what constitutes the ‘perfect’ work environment for each person. It’s only fair then that we give employees a shot at creating the optimum environment that allows them to do their best work.

Your employees know what drives them best — Trust that!

3. Cost Effective for You, and them Too ?


Think of the costs you can spare on renting out an expensive office, installing equipment, furniture, cleaning services, utilities, etc.

NOW, think of how much your employees can save on commuting and meals alone? — Yup it works both ways!

Throwing money at on-premise facilities no longer guarantees success in today’s cloud driven world where almost everything is done remotely.

4. No More Delays or Time Wasted Commuting ?


Eight in ten employees say they’ve been late to work at least once because of traffic jams, interrupted bus or train schedules, or even flat tires.

Spending a long time crushed in a tube with dozens of other people or battling rush hours in traffic on long commutes is not so fun. It also puts a damper on your employees’ energy and punctuality, which can have a negative impact on your business.

5. Fewer Distractions, More Productivity ?‍♀️



A typical office worker only gets 11 minutes of work done before being interrupted or distracted. Meanwhile 77% of workers get a lot more done when working remotely. Let that sink in for a moment.

6. Less Sick Leaves, No Office Contamination ?


It’s a well known fact that employees who can work from home take less sick days off. That’s simply because they have the option to work from home when they start to feel unwell.

This also means you no longer have to worry about the regular seasonal flu taking down entire teams at your company. Risk of cross-contamination dramatically decreases when your employees can work remotely.

7. Better Shift Management for 24/7 Businesses ⏰


Many businesses need to operate 24/7. Think of news agencies like AlJazeera and CNN, businesses unravelling world events first like Dataminr or incident response teams at social media giants like TikTok and Twitter.

That creates a problem — Not a lot of people are willing to come in for unsocial hours and overnight shifts! Quite a pickle, huh?!

Well, remote work coupled with the right employee audit and security tools can solve this problem from the root.

8. Weather Warnings Don’t Mean Business Shutdown ⛈️


In March of 2018, the Beast from the East battered Europe with snow for days. In fact, bustling capitals like Dublin were brought to a grinding halt. That inflicted a massive blow to many businesses and multinational companies not practicing WFH.

It was also a wakeup call — a remote work policy can literally save your business if and when natural disasters hit.

9. Boosted Creativity, Higher Innovation


Here’s an Instagram story posted by an Indeed employee enjoying a nice lunch break at Phoenix Park, Dublin while working remotely.

Creativity is the fuel of innovation. However, according to Rice Business Wisdom, innate creativity alone doesn’t foster innovation. Employees need a mentally stimulating environment that encourages creativity to enable them to innovate and do their best work.

10. Better Overall Employee Satisfaction (They’re happy, you’re happy!) ?


According to Buffer’s The State of Remote Work annual report, out of 2,500 surveyed remote workers, 99% responded that they’re satisfied and would like to work remotely for the rest of their career.

That’s a higher percentage than anything we’ve seen before, don’t you think?

11. Improved Work/Life Balance ?


We all need to run personal errands during the day at some point. From pediatrician appointments to license renewals, yoga classes, etc. Taking entire days off for each is just insane.

Working remotely allows your employees to manage their time better without the burden of being confined to the office most of the day.

Employees can work practically anywhere, as long as they have good WiFi connection. They can also manage their breaks better, navigate through other aspects of their personal life, and even take on heavier tasks more smoothly.


? How GAT Helps Remote Businesses Working in Google Workspace?

GAT — Remote Work Made Easier Using the Right Tools.

Google Workspace is an amazing cloud technology that provides organizations with fantastic tools to power remote workers, but it doesn’t give much insight into how those tools are used.

  1. Analyse: GAT helps you get just the granular insights you need to audit and monitor your remote workers’ online presence in Google Workspace.
  2. Secure: It also provides you with unprecedented cloud security to protect your accounts remotely without worrying about things like DLP and security incidents.
  3. Zero Trust: Strengthen your cloud security with advanced data analytics which identifies unauthorized users on signed-in accounts, enabling you to detect and respond to data breach threats immediately.

GAT enhances Google Workspace reporting and security in many ways, making it the best tool to manage remote workers for businesses with Google Workspace domains. Book a demo with us now to learn more.

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