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Thank you for choosing to use the GAT Labs for Google Workspace. We believe this is both the most complete and fastest audit tool in the Google Marketplace.

If you have problems running the GAT Labs look here.

If you or someone else from your domain tried GAT+ before, you will have to request a fresh trial. We are usually more than happy to oblige.

Large Domains in Particular

GAT scans files and email at approximately a rate of 1 million per hour for the initial scan. If you have 30 million files for example, expect the initial scan to be 30 hours for Drive data. After that things will be much quicker.

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We now run many scans in parallel, so some scan areas may take longer than other to complete.

Before using the tool you should also get a general idea of how it works. This will help you get the most from the Audit Tool, it is easy to use but also has so many features that are not always apparent. We strongly recommend you to book a features walk through the tool so that one of our support team help you make the most out of your trial and visit our knowledge base and our Youtube Channel

Giving audit access to Non-Super Admins

By default, only Google Workspace Super Admins have access to the GAT+ tool. With the delegated auditors functionality Super Admins can assign users to audit or analyze others within their domain without ever having access to the Google Workspace Admin Console. Learn how to Create Delegated Auditors within GAT+

We have so much information to present we made nearly every field, icon and result in a link to more information. Don’t be afraid to ‘click’ on every result and line to see what more information lies beneath.

Do you want more products in your trial?

We have many more products that you can benefit from, with GAT+ you can analyse and protect your domain data it covers all the areas of Google Workspace from Drive, Email, Calendars, Users, Classrooms, Contacts, Devices, Apps and much more; GAT Unlock (not available in the trial for security reasons) will bring the security to the next level by taking further actions on files and emails like remove permissions on files shared in/out, download files and emails, copy folders, delegate access to email accounts and much more; GAT Flow (requires GAT Unlock) that helps you to automate onboarding, offboarding and bulk modifying of users from welcome emails and email signatures, to pre-loading files, to pre-populating contacts and much more; GAT Shield is the leading Chrome DLP solution for Google Chrome helps protect your users by monitoring all activity and providing real-time Data Loss Prevention (DLP) on all sites, in all locations and at all times. Shield offers Chromebook management, Chromebook tracking, Chromebook monitoring and much more…; ActiveID is the first ‘Zero Trust’ solution for all your web-based cloud applications, appears as a 3FA by continuously monitoring the typing style of each user, actively verifying that the user behind the keyboard is, in fact, the user who is logged in.

Contact us to support@gatlabs.com to enable GAT Shield for your domain.

Finally, we are very happy to offer help so you can get the most out of GAT and of course, we are always looking for your feedback, to contact us on any issue just drop us an email at support@gatlabs.com for technical questions or to sales@gatlabs.com for inquiries about pricing.

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