Target Market

GAT Labs is addressing the Enterprise market for enhanced cloud security. There has been a lot of focus on cloud security in terms of secure connections and user authorization, yet there are relatively few products addressing security in terms of user behaviour and active monitoring of the user in the cloud.

While on-prem users are relatively easy to monitor and report on by simply capturing all network traffic, the cloud opens up the possibility of access from anywhere, to any platform, with a corporate account.

The problem GAT Labs solves is giving the enterprise the same oversight (and more) as they would have if the user was on-prem. If the user is on a corporate account, GAT is on their case. This is achieved via a combination of API access and management (which on its own is not enough) as well as in-browser access and management.

Because of early Google Workspace adoption by schools, GAT Labs was chosen as their security platform. GAT Labs has found a rich and unexpected market in the education sector monitoring and protecting K12 students in the US and across the world. This has given us the unexpected bonus of working with very large domains, from tens of thousands of users to hundreds of thousands of users. This in turn has allowed us to bring real experience of detailed audit and security enforcement at scale, to enterprise users. We openly invite comparison against our competitors in all areas from breadth of reporting and functionality to speed of technology.

GAT Labs is the Global leader in Google Workspace reporting, auditing and enhanced security with products presently covering Google Workspace and Chrome, but designed to operate across multiple platforms.

Size of the Potential Market

The target market for GAT Shield, its Chrome product, is probably around 0.5 billion in the Enterprise environment. According to Google’s last figures, there are 2 billion+ active Chrome users; it seems a fair estimate that at least 25% of these use Chrome in an Enterprise or work situation. As Shield moves to other browser platforms, the target market is expected to exceed 1 billion.

Ability to scale.

As a cloud platform product family, GATs software is inherently designed to scale. The server architecture is designed to increase in instance size as load increases, with the distributed databases designed to absorb almost any load. In addition, the design allows for private instances, sticking strictly to the same code base and architectural model, but with the ability to run on private instances for particularly security-conscious enterprise customers.

Investors and Partners 1

Robert Baker

CEO & Founder

Leading a team to build the best audit, security and analysis tools for Cloud-based application environments. Our initial area of focus is the Google Workspace environment, but the models, ideas and technology are designed to be portable to other environments.

Without external investment or help, the product is currently one of the leading products by user count in the Google Workspace marketplace. The technology and ideas are widely recognised as cutting edge.

With over 30 years of experience, this is Robert’s fifth successful technology company.

Investors and Partners 2

Jose Rodenas

Head of Engineering

Skilled and pragmatic software engineer with experience in passport ID security, high-speed rail security, cellular provisioning, digital video networking for surveillance, and several other areas where mission critical software was the key to project success.

Over 20 years experience.

Investors and Partners 3

Krzysztof Szkółka

Polish Team Leader

Versatile and creative IT specialist with over 10 years of experience. Fusing science and engineering to develop high-performance products with the latest technologies and the highest technical standards is Krzysztof’s goal in life.

Recognized for enabling innovative approaches and committed to leading a highly technical team to achieve goals efficiently and effectively.

His team has strong software and mathematical backgrounds.

Investors and Partners 4

Enrique Gomez

Head of Marketing and Sales

GAT Labs’s world-class Sales and Support team finds its inspiration for solving IT Admins daily problems by providing unparalleled insight into users performance, engagement and collaboration.

Solving thousands of challenges per year with effectiveness and efficiency, they have helped millions of users by creating multiple streams of real value across their platform.

With over 10 years of experience, Enrique has created a healthy thinking environment centred on who matters most, the customer.

Take your data analysis to the next level.

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