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Achieve Comprehensive Insight into Google Users' Collaboration

HR Analytics, Management, and Security Solutions for Google Workspace Admins.

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*Minimum charge of €500 applies

All-in-1 Software for Admin Leaders:

  • Streamline user management processes.
  • Efficiently execute bulk tasks.
  • Regularly receive insightful reports.
  • Appoint visionary ‘Change Managers’ for successful transitions.
  • Identify and elevate high-performing talent.
  • Harness metrics derived from extensive data analysis of your organization.
  • Consolidate Drive and Calendar insights with an all-encompassing dashboard.

Unlock Employee Potential with Existing Data:

  • Harness the untapped potential within your Google Workspace data. Transform it into actionable HR insights that promote and retain your best talents.
  • Harness the power of GAT Shield’s dashboard to visualize and act on key engagement metrics and factors.

Streamline Repetitive Tasks:

  • Elevate HR efficiency with GAT Flow. Automate repetitive tasks, from onboarding packages to periodic performance reviews, and foster a positive workplace culture.

Enhance Change Management:

  • Leverage GAT Flow to streamline communication and actions. Whether it’s onboarding or offboarding, establish organization-specific workflows and monitor progress through GAT Shield.

Informed Decisions with Regular Reports:

  • Stay ahead with data-driven decisions. Our automation provides insightful reports that analyze engagement, profitability metrics, collaboration levels, and more, sourced from comprehensive organizational data.

Elevate Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Amidst the increasing cyber threats, fortify your organization’s defense. With our solutions, gain unparalleled domain protection, control document access, and receive immediate alerts on security breaches. Prioritize the safety of your workforce and customers.

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