Human Resources Data Analytics, Management and Security Tool for Google Workspace Admins

Get the full picture of your Google users data and collaboration, from email, to drive, to calendars, to chrome, all in one place.

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Human Resources Data Analytics, Management and Security Tool for Google Workspace Admins

Get the full picture of your Google users data and collaboration with GAT.

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HR 1

Users Audited

The leading Administration & Management tool in the Google Market Place.

Starting at €12/user/year, all-in-1 Software for Admin Heroes

(Minimum charge of €500 applies)

HR 2

Promote & Retain Top Talent

Organizations have incredible amounts of neglected employee data available — why not use it to up your employee promotion and retention game?

  • Capture decisive HR data throughout the employee lifecycle, identify Top talent and wisely promote and retain such talent across your organization.
  • With a powerful overview of the areas that matter the most, save up on deployment of resources and speed up the process of identifying who is most fit for a job or a promotion. 
  • Simply let our software create smart comparisons across your employees by monitoring all the important data and user activity.
  • See the bigger picture: Track engagement rate, better yet, pinpoint the underlying factors contributing to engagement rate outcomes. 
  • View all of that information and more at a glance using the Comprehensive GAT Shield dashboard.

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HR 3
HR 4

Automate User Management Tasks

Leverage technology to get back time spent on repetitive HR tasks.

We understand how tedious and time-consuming repetitive tasks can be and how they impact productivity. To that, GAT Flow shifts the focus from processes to employee resources.

Create unlimited and unique workflows using action sets for those tasks — from streamlining onboarding welcome packages to scheduled performance reviews and more…

Better yet, Management Assist automates group management tasks, builds impressive teams and promotes workplace culture in the process.

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HR 5

Improve Change Management

HR personnel are every organisation’s superheroes, guiding all departments through various changes — whether it’s a global pandemic or an M&A.

Truth is, change is both inevitable and difficult to sustain, that’s why a ‘Change Manager’ can go a long way. Simply appoint someone to this role and stay prepared for any changes that may occur, whether expected or unexpected.

GAT Flow handles your communication and action needs. From bulk email shots to onboarding, offboarding and bulk modification of users — Simply build organisation specific workflows to lead change successfully.

Finally, use GAT Shield to view and manage the progress of your change efforts across the entire organisation.

GAT for HR — Managing Change has never been easier.

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HR 6
HR 7

Receive Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports

Managing team development can be tricky. HR leaders need to gather and analyse just the right data to derive actionable insights.

We automate that process by sending you important and timely reports on a weekly basis, helping you make data-driven decisions more easily.

Identify and compare employee engagement, profitability of customers/branches/products, collaboration efforts, top performing employees and much more…

The best part? These metrics are based on data extracted from across your entire organisation.

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HR 8

Make Cybercrime 1 Less HR Problem

Numerous daily duties and responsibilities lead to cybersecurity ranking low on the priority list. However, cybersafety remains a growing concern as organisations become more vulnerable than ever before to sophisticated hackers.

Protect your organization against both internal and external threats using GAT’s powerful security Trio: GAT Unlock, GAT Shield and ActiveID.

Save time & resources on employee cybersecurity training and allow our intelligent solutions to do the heavy work for you.

Gain extensive domain protection by controlling access to private documents and receiving instant notifications if security rules are broken.

On top of that, ActiveID compares webcam captures of the user to a photo of your employee, takes an automatic screenshot, reports visited sites and logs out the imposter.

Take no risks when it comes to the cybersafety of your employees and customers.

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HR 9

Dreaming about a particular feature? Contact us and we’ll check if we can build it in our Labs

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Features by Plan

Essential Admin Secure
Domain-wide Live Drive files and emails content SearchStandout
Domain-wide Live Drive and Email auditsStandout
Domain to Domain Sharing Graph
Drive Folder Tree Map
Third Party Application Auditing
Find Documents Inside or Outside the Domain in “One Click”
Sharing Policy creation from Search Results
Contacts Management
Device Management
User Audit Standout
Groups Reporting and Management
Email Delegation
Silent Access to Drive Files and Emails
Bulk File Ownership Change and Email Removal
Secure Access Workflow (Two User verification)
Onboarding and OffboardingStandout
Take Blanket Action on Files From One or Many Owners
Click to View and Download Files and Emails
Take Blanket Action on Files From One or Many Folders
Analyze Users’ Browsing Activity
Geo Location of Chromebooks and Users’ Reports
Downloads Tracking, Search Tracking and URL Filtering
Real-Time Alerts and Automatic Responses
Track and Audit by User or Serial Number
Domain-wide Chrome Activity Dashboard

Couldn’t find the feature you want? We probably have it or might be able to build it!
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Our products have to be purchased and deployed domain-wide. Products can’t be purchased for admins only.

Your subscription must cover all active users in your domain according to your google console.

Billing is based on a yearly contract. Prices are per user, per year. monthly subscriptions are not available.

We bill in USD for US and Canada residents only. Billing is in Euro for all other countries.

Minimum charges for small domains may apply. Non-Profit and Government domains can apply for an additional discount.

What Our Customers Say

HR 15

“This is how IT is real fun for anybody!”

“Great toolkit for the “missing ones” in G admin. Especially the easy handling and the possibilities of this tool are great! Tried the supoort as well, even very quick and helpfull! This is how IT is real fun for anybody!”

Sebastian Palandt

HR 16

“Great software, great price, even greater service!”

I’ve used GAT+ for over two years, and I can’t imagine trying to administer my Google Workspace for Education domain without it. GAT offers features not found in most other cloud security applications. General Audit Tool (the vendor) is amazingly responsive to feature requests. Great software, great price, even greater service!

Rieland Kaseman
Adams 12 Five Star Schools

HR 17

“Incredible resource and toolbox”

“GAT+ is an incredible resource and toolbox which allows Admins broad oversight over their domain. The filtering tools are comprehensive but easy to understand. Support is wonderful as well. They will work with you as much as needed to ensure you’re getting the results you want from their tools. Love it!”

Eric Siedlecki
Dutch Bros

HR 18

“Very powerful tool”

“GAT+ is a very powerful tool for the majority of tasks that an IT would need to do in bulk within a Google Workspace domain. Relatively easy to use and a nice developing interface.”

Gordon May

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