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Get a 360° view of your Google users' data & collaboration

Human Resources Data Analytics, Management and Security Tool for Google Workspace Admins.

All-in-1 Software for Admin Heroes:

  • Automate user management tasks.
  • Save time on bulk tasks. 
  • Daily/weekly/monthly reports.
  • Appoint a ‘Change Manager’ to pioneer through change successfully.
  • Promote & retain top talent.
  • Get unique metrics based on thorough data mining of your entire organisation.
  • View all Drive and Calendar activity in One comprehensive dashboard.

Starting From

€12 Per user
Per year

*Minimum charge of €500 applies

Promote & retain top talent using data you already have!

Most organizations already have incredible employee data lying there in their Google Workspace environment. Yet, that data is often overlooked.

Why not use it to boost your employee promotion and retention game?

  • Capture decisive HR data throughout the employee lifecycle to identify Top talent and wisely promote and retain staff across your organization.
  • With a powerful overview of the areas that matter the most, save up on deployment of resources and speed up the process of identifying who is most fit for a job or a promotion.
  • Let our software create smart comparisons across your employees by monitoring all the important data and user activity.
  • Track engagement rate and  pinpoint the underlying factors contributing to engagement rate outcomes.

View all of that information and more, at a glance, using the Comprehensive GAT Shield dashboard.

Automate User Management Tasks

GAT Flow shifts the focus from processes to employee resources.

This means making repetitive HR processes more streamlined by automating things like onboarding welcome packages and scheduled performance reviews.

Use GAT Flow to create unlimited and unique workflows (using action sets) for those tasks and much more.

Better yet, automate group management tasks, build impressive teams and promote workplace culture in the process.

Improve Change Management

GAT Flow handles your communication and action needs — from bulk email shots to onboarding, offboarding and bulk modification of users.

Simply build organisation specific workflows to lead change successfully.

Use GAT Shield to view and manage the progress of your change efforts across the entire organisation.

Receive Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports

Make data-driven decisions more easily.

We automate the process of gathering and analysing the right data to derive actionable insights by sending you insightful and timely reports on a weekly basis.

Identify and compare employee engagement, profitability of customers/branches/products, collaboration efforts, top performing employees and much more…

The best part? These metrics are all based on data extracted from across your entire organisation.

Make Cybercrime 1 Less HR Problem

Cybersafety remains a growing concern as organisations become more vulnerable than ever to sophisticated hackers. 

Our solutions do the heavy lifting for you — Gain extensive domain protection by controlling access to private documents and receiving instant notifications if security rules are broken. 

Take no risks when it comes to the cybersafety of your employees and customers.

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