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Occasionally mistakes happen, if they do, with our policy enforcement feature, GAT offers you the way to back out partially, or fully, and restore the permissions removed from the documents.

When a policy has been enforced you will receive an email containing the details of the policy changes and a requested time which you can then search for in the Security officer under  File management tab. 

GAT+: How to Restore Permissions Removed by a Policy 1

In GAT+ under ‘Configuration’ tab, select ‘Security officer’ then ‘File management’. 

GAT+: How to Restore Permissions Removed by a Policy 2

Under ‘File management’ you can view all changes requested by your Admins. It can be individually searched by selecting the Details for each action then the ‘Arrow’ to revert the changes. You can use the ‘Requested at’ field which matches the ‘Date’ requested time, as the Email screenshot above. 

Once you find the “Change” that has been performed and you want to revert it.
Simply select the ‘Arrow’ option under ‘Actions’ tab and revert the change.

You will receive ‘Confirm action’ button where you have to confirm if you want to revert the change. Once this is done, the revert option is removed and the status is changed to “Reverted”.

GAT+: How to Restore Permissions Removed by a Policy 3

This will revert the change and restore the previous owner in this case.


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