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GAT Shield – WebCam extension is deprecated and it should be removed and uninstalled.

Follow the steps below to remove the extension as no longer needed for Shield

Note: To deploy and use the WebCam you can follow the steps explained in this document

Google Workspace Admin console 

Login to Google Admin Console.

Then click on Devices 

How to Remove GAT Shield 1

Click on Chrome – Apps & extensions – Users and browsers 

How to Remove GAT Shield 2


This will lead to Apps and Extensions

Remove extension

Find the org.unit or sub.org.unit where WebCam extension is deployed.

Extension ID

Use ctrl +f and search for the extension ID: lncmmomdcmcilmblgmnlinenbinjklgg

How to Remove GAT Shield 3

Click on the extension itself and then the “bin” icon on the right side.

How to Remove GAT Shield 4

Then click and Save the changes


This will remove the extension from your domain

Note: As each Chrome device or browser reboots or restarts WebCam extension will disapear

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