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In GAT+ it is possible to export all your Google Groups including the full property list for each group.

The exported spreadsheet can be updated and imported back in GAT+ to make multiple changes at the same time.

Changing any collection of properties in bulk’ is a powerful feature for bulk group management, in particular where you need to close down a particular access point.

Navigate to the Groups section in GAT+

GAT+: How to Export and Update Your Google Groups 1

Last used address

An admin can delete and add groups via the exporting and importing method.

For example, you can select the Last used tab in the Groups audit. Using this section you can identify which Google Groups are no longer active or necessary.

Maybe these groups are confusing your users by appearing as suggestions when composing emails.

Click on GroupsLast used address 

GAT+: How to Export and Update Your Google Groups 2

Groups export

When you have a list of Google Groups identified as inactive and no longer necessary to have, you can take action on them.

Navigate to Groups audit in the top menu and Export the data 

GAT+: How to Export and Update Your Google Groups 3

Enter the generated Spreadsheet and delete the group you don’t need by removing it.

Delete Groups in Bulk

Simply find the groups you want to delete, then remove the Group_ID and change the status from No to Yes under the DELETED column.

  • The Red (background) field cannot be edited(only removed) to delete.
  • Green (background) fields can be edited, added, or removed.

GAT+: How to Export and Update Your Google Groups 4

Then import the spreadsheet back into GAT+.

GAT+: How to Export and Update Your Google Groups 5


When you have verified the changes you’ve made, the groups will be updated and the selected groups will be deleted.

Creating Multiple Google Groups

Creating multiple groups with GAT+ is a similar process for deleting multiple groups.

You will need to use the Export data and the Import data functionality.

If you want to add a new group:

  • add a new record to the spreadsheet 
  • leave the value under the ID column empty.
    • This is because Google will automatically generate the ID of the new group.

Create a group

To create a group:

  •  Add an Email
  • Add a Name field.
    • then you can use the User audit in GAT+ to update the membership list.

GAT+: How to Export and Update Your Google Groups 6

Note: you can’t input the members/managers via this sheets.

This can be done in Group members section using Export/Import functionality 


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