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GAT supports a separate audit for Groups. The purpose of this audit is two-fold. It will report on the ownership, membership and access rights for each group, along with details like aliases, managers etc.  It can also be used to detect and report new or changed groups. These are important security features. 

GAT+: Groups Audit Explained 1

An admin can easily have an overview of all groups based on the members.

An admin can also perform other actions on the group selected, like show members, copy or delete the group.

You can select each individual field and it will be redirected to the tab where the result was gathered from. You can search and filter by a range of criteria.

GAT+: Groups Audit Explained 2

You can manage the groups directly from within GAT+ just export, edit, and import.

You can also see every detail regarding the group right away. Just select the ‘eye’ icon and it will display all the details. Group details, list of members, and events related to the group.

GAT+: Groups Audit Explained 3



You can also view the group members and last event by a member of the group.

GAT+: Groups Audit Explained 4

Events tab will display actions occurred to a group like by which user to what group and the event happened.

GAT+: Groups Audit Explained 5

Last Used will display last actions performed into a group, based on last used in File, Email and Calendar.

GAT+: Groups Audit Explained 6


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