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Is GAT+ failing to run? Check these options in your Admin Console

Click the Apps Launcher on the top right corner of your Chrome session and click on the Admin Icon:

Grant Access to GAT+ 1

Enter the Apps section:

Grant Access to GAT+ 2



Then click on the Google Workspace Marketplace apps.

Grant Access to GAT+ 3


Click on the GAT+ app.

Grant Access to GAT+ 4



You will need to click on the text Grant access and the status should be Granted and make sure GAT+ is Enabled for all organizational units.

Grant Access to GAT+ 5


To enable Classroom auditing

In the Google Apps Admin console, select Apps, Google Workspace, Settings for Classroom and Data Access. Make sure the option Users can authorize apps to access their Google Classroom data is enabled.

Grant Access to GAT+ 6

If this is your first time running GAT, please check out our Initial Run Problems page


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