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In the Google Drive UI, under Users audit, select Drive Productivity.

GAT+ | Google Drive Use Productivity Measured 1

Once it is selected it shows the Drive Productivity for each individual user in the domain.

It shows all files owned by the user:

Number of Public, Public with a link, Shared out, Internal, Private, Google Workspace docs, spreadsheets and presentations created/updated last week.

All this information is available just by selecting the Drive productivity tab.  

The user can apply different filters on the top and gather different information and even schedule a report on the activities of the users for a certain period of time.

For example, you can schedule a report for all users who created Google Workspace spreadsheets greater than 20 and generate a report every weekend.


GAT+ | Google Drive Use Productivity Measured 2

The report can be scheduled for any other search parameters you use, in the above example we use GSuite spreadsheets create/updated last week.

You can use GSuite docs created/updated last week and any other options available.

The general purpose of scheduling reports is to show user engagement with an overall Google Drive environment.

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