G Drive Management, Security and Auditing

Ensure your sensitive data is safe and in the right hands — Analyse and protect your users’ personal and shared Drives.

  • Gain granular visibility into permissions’ settings across all content.
  • Monitor high-risk sharing activity across users, groups and drives, including public & ‘public through sharing links’.
  • Identify external access to files and folders, and revoke sharing violations.
  • Create customised policies to keep your sensitive data safe.
  • Copy externally owned files and folders securely.
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Google Drive Management 1


Google Drive Management 2
Google Drive Management 3


Actionable Insights

Understand and report on user collaboration. Measure performance and flag unusual activities. Generate statistical analysis and record data for all time.


Audit file accessibility

Identify files based on their accessibility, both inside and outside your organization. View their granular permissions and create tags for easier management and filtering.

Google Drive Management 4
Google Drive Management 5


Bulk Security Tasks

Change ownership or file access rights. Silently copy or view files in bulk. Give pre-approved access to all files to a range of users. Change ownership of an entire folder tree.


Alerts for suspicious events

Easily create alerts based on number of downloaded files or documents shared out within a 24-hour period. Customize RegEx. rules for files shared out and sharing removal actions.

Google Drive Management 6
Google Drive Management 7


Event based Workflows

Create a set of action sets for existing, new or leaving users to automatically distribute files and folders triggered every time a user or group of users are moved to any given OU or group.


From cloud security engineers to security experts

  • Fully hosted in the Google Cloud Platform.

  • AES (256-bit) used for encryption verified by Comodo.
  • GAT Labs does NOT store or access the content of your messages, we only work metadata for your peace of mind.


Know who can access your G Drive files & folders!

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