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The Most Sophisticated Security Management Mechanism for Google Apps Available Today.

GAT Unlock operates on the principle that access to documents, or change of ownership of documents, without the owner’s knowledge or permission, can only be accomplished with the active input of at least two people in the organization. One of those people will be the requestor, who must be an Administrator or Delegated Auditor, and the other a Security Officer (or Verification Officer), who must be identified and verified through a senior executive in the organization.
With double verification security, search and view all student drive and email content to ensure it’s appropriateness for the school environment.

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When the ‘GAT Unlock’ service is enabled, Administrators can generate access or change requests, but only Security Officers can approve them. An individual can be a member of both lists but cannot approve their own requests. The Security Officer list for all domains is maintained by the GAT Labs staff.

Why all that effort? We really respect your data security and your company’s right to be protected. This is the highest security model available within the Google Workspace environment.

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GAT Unlock for Education 2

Ditch the Need for ‘Cowboy’ Tools to Perform Bulk Security Tasks.

With GAT Unlock and the appropriate approval for the task, you can change ownership or file access rights, and silently copy or view files. Admins can get pre-approved access to all files for a range of users; change ownership of an entire folder tree; delegate access to an email account; delete spam, inappropriate or accidental emails; bulk download or view email contents, and much more…

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GAT Unlock for Education 4

Meet the Powerful GAT Suite

The GAT family of tools provides a layered family of solutions to help Admins and Managers understand, protect and change what is on their entire Google Workspace domain. These products build on each other, starting with GAT+ the base product, which provides domain-wide auditing of files, emails and much more using highly configurable filters, with output to screen and file. You can also carry out complete content searches of all user’s Drive, Email and Calendars.

With GAT Unlock sensitive tasks like changing file ownership or access, bulk removal of phishing emails, delegating email accounts and much more, are carried out in an audited environment where access is controlled with a unique ‘lock and key’ system. With GAT Flow bulk onboarding, offboarding and account modification can be carried out effortlessly with reusable sequenced task flows. GAT Shield extends all our auditing power and control to your chrome environment – with features too numerous to mention, you at last have full oversight and control over the complete browsing environment.

Finally GAT ActiveId, in conjunction with Google Cloud Premium Identity provides the first zero trust cloud environment for all your user’s browser based online sites. Extending protection beyond G suite to evey online site.

– The most powerful toolset yet developed for Google Workspace.