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GAT+ allows filtering users based on (Google Drive) files shared outside of the domain.

This is filter is calculating Files shared out last week and the stats are collected 7 days prior and up to the last GAT+ Scan.

To view your users and how many Files they have Shared out in the last week, you can just apply the filter explained below.

Open GAT+ and navigate to Users audit

In the Users, tab click on Drive productivity (Stats based on owned files)

GAT+ | Stats for (Google Drive) Files Shared Out Last Week 1

On the default view, on the right-hand side, you will see Files shared out last week’s field.

This filter can be used to see a list of top users who Shared out files – in a one-week time period

You can also apply filters and search for a specific number of Files shared out last week.

As the example above search for Items shared out last week greater than > 0.

This will give a list of all the users who shared out files last week.

Each of the values is clickable and it will lead to (Gdrive) Drive – Files where you can see the metadata for the files.

GAT+ | Stats for (Google Drive) Files Shared Out Last Week 2

This data can be also set up as a Scheduled report 

In Drive productivity apply filter and search for files that are shared out (in last week) and schedule it to run at a suitable time for you.

GAT+ | Stats for (Google Drive) Files Shared Out Last Week 3

This report will be generated on a weekly basis.

You will have a list of all the users that shared out files last week (according to the filter applied).


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