GAT Shield 1

Google Workspace Protection and Auditing Out to the Edge of the Cloud.

GAT Shield is a powerful audit, reporting and security tool for your Chrome environment. It helps protect your users by monitoring all activity and providing real-time Data Loss Prevention (DLP) on all sites, in all locations and at all times. Shield offers Chromebook management, Chromebook tracking, Chromebook monitoring and much more…

GAT Shield gives you LAN like usage visibility over your Chrome-based cloud users.

Unprecedented Auditing of the Chrome Environment.

For Cloud Browsing Content GAT Shield Reg. Ex. DLP is the Safest Real-time Option in the Market.

GAT Shield allows you to push the Reg. Ex. rules that you can select or build for DLP. These rules run in-situ on your infrastructure and mean GAT servers never have to see the content. They also have the advantage of being real-time and all-encompassing (meaning while the rules can cover email and Drive file content as it is typed (even earlier than Google), they also have the huge advantage of covering every other aspect of the browser-based activity, whether it is a user on Banking Sites or Facebook or any other site).

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GAT Shield 2

Every Chrome Interaction in One Place


See the exact browsing behavior over a certain period of time for a user, group, class, etc. Focus can be on the user(s) or on the site(s) or on the time. For any user on any site at any time the exact device and location from where this activity happened can be inspected.

User Activity

See, for any selected user and day, the timeline of the user’s entire online activity showing both when the visit occurred and the duration of the visit. The sites are arranged according to the total visiting duration, which allows you to quickly see where the bulk of the online time is spent.

Searches & Downloads

We included word cloud to ‘Search’ audit in GAT Shield, which helps highlight what your users are searching for. Use Shield to alert on file downloads of a particular type. With a few simple clicks you can manage downloads across all of your 1 to 1 Chrome Devices. Enforce automatic deletion of certain download file types.

User/Device Geo Reporting

Know and see exactly where your Chrome devices and browsers are being used. See details like region based on a longitude and latitude box, internal and external IP address, geo-location, Carrier, User and time of activity. Set an alarm or block activity outside of approved geographic zones.

Chromebook Anti-Theft

GAT Shield helps officials prevent Chromebook thefts. Devices which have GAT Shield installed can be tracked and located to an exceptionally high degree of accuracy. Set an alert and get notified every time a device exits an approved location such as a school or office or any location you specify.

Shield Alerts

Not only can we protect in real-time, but we can also monitor and log in incredible detail. Your rules are pushed to Chrome devices that you control. You can configure that just alerts and not content are sent back to you, or if you need more detail, you can escalate to capture the violating string, the actual screen capture, or the image of the user performing the action.

Managed Guest Session Reporting

Managed Guest Session devices are a powerful way to offer customers and staff safe, low-cost access to the information they need, often in a public setting like a bank lobby.  GAT Shield has a wide range of reporting that allows you to see in detail the usage of your devices while protecting the anonymity of your users. In addition, it allows you to verify return on investment, enforce rules to prevent unauthorised browsing and even track device location to prevent theft.

Output to Big Query

No other tool allows you to generate so much useful data, from full device/user/location history to a full user use/abuse log, so we are sure you will have many more ways to interrogate the data than we can think of. That is why we allow you to output to your own big query project so you can add your own reports to our dozens of existing ones.


Meet the powerful GAT Suite

The GAT family of tools provides a layered family of solutions to help Admins and Managers understand, protect and change what is on their entire Google Workspace domain. These products build on each other, starting with GAT+ the base product, which provides domain-wide auditing of files, emails and much more using highly configurable filters, with output to screen and file. You can also carry out complete content searches of all user’s Drive, Email and Calendars.

With GAT Unlock sensitive tasks like changing file ownership or access, bulk removal of phishing emails, delegating email accounts and much more, are carried out in an audited environment where access is controlled with a unique ‘lock and key’ system. With GAT Flow bulk onboarding, offboarding and account modification can be carried out effortlessly with reusable sequenced task flows. GAT Shield extends all our auditing power and control to your chrome environment – with features too numerous to mention, you, at last, have full oversight and control over the complete browsing environment.

Finally ActiveId, in conjunction with Google Cloud Premium Identity provides the first zero trust cloud environment for all your user’s browser-based online sites. Extending protection beyond G suite to every online site.

– The most powerful toolset yet developed for Google Workspace.