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User Chrome Device History Explorer

GAT Shield is a DLP solution where an Admin can view and audit the user Activity while logged into the domain.

  • Browsing activity of users
  • Set up Alert rules for the activity done by the users
  • Use it as a Web filtering tool to prevent end-users from visiting certain websites, and many many more

One of the Audits that Shield provides is User/Device Geo Reporting.

User/Device Explorer

The User/Device Explorer showing where the user is on a map, with additional details of:

  • Device serial.no
  • Device org unit
  • Device OS
  • Public and Private IPs
  • City and Country
  • User
  • Shield version and Last sync of Shield

GAT Shield | User - Chrome Device History 1

User Chrome Device History Explorer

The User/Chrome Device History Explorer shows a 30 days record of Users logged into the device and its data

Admin can:

  • Check and see all the users who have logged into an enrolled device.
  • A 30-day history for the Devices
    • Who and when were the users logged in to a particular device?

GAT Shield | User - Chrome Device History 2

An Admin can apply the search and check

  • Chrome device ‚Üí¬†Device serial.no
  • View all users who were logged at one time or another to the selected device


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