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GAT Shield allows Admins and Users to assign tags to web pages. This new audit feature allows for convenient bundling of sites and web pages under a common tag for reporting and auditing purposes.

GAT Shield Tags 1

Any site or URL can have multiple tags. These tags can then be searched for in the Browsing report.

GAT Shield Tags 2

The tags apply across all users and will return the browsing history on any page with a tag containing one or more of the tags searched for.

GAT Shield Tags 3

The filtered report produces a detailed account of all the time spent on the tagged pages, and a full overview of the user’s allocation of time to the tagged pages and of the relative usage of the tagged page.

In addition, users can tag their own pages using the GAT Shield extension.

GAT Shield Tags 4

This allows for personal reporting based on tags for each user using their own extension, but also for reporting centrally.

Use cases include collective reporting for the time students spend of a collection of sites to business reporting by project or task. For example, if a group of staff have been assigned to a project for a particular customer they can tag all time spent on sites relating to that project with a particular customer name. They can also tag each page as being a subtask for that customer project. Using this method Admins can generate reports for management showing the total amount of time spent relating to that customer, with a detailed breakdown covering each task. The reporting will cover all staff on the project.

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