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GAT for Chrome can present your entire day’s activity in a number of different ways.  When you start GAT for Chrome you are taken immediately to the Browsing Activity page, which in turn has two sub-pages, Overview and Full Data.


GAT Shield Personal - Browsing Activity 1

The Overview tab is open by default and it contains a wealth of information. The first section shows your cumulative time on this chrome browser today, each page you visit is brought together to give you a solid bar showing when and for how long you spent your time on each site.

Beneath that each section shows in order of time spent, the list of individual sites you visited and the time spent on each one along with a visual indication of the time of the visit(s).

The number of site visit timetables displayed can be selected, the default is 5. These sites can be listed in reverse order to show least visited first.

Individual sites can be searched for, and previous days can also be selected.


Full Data

The ‘Full Data’ tab shows the entire collection of site visits shown as a pie chart. Mousing over any segment shows you what the site or page being represented is.

GAT Shield Personal - Browsing Activity 2

Sites that are searched for are automatically brought to the top of the pie chart. In the above example, it is easy to see that nearly 75% of the online day is spent on just 4 sites or pages.

See the Config help page to find out how you can track usage of an individual page within a site.

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