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 Finding secondary users on Google Chrome Devices using GAT Shield

ChromeOS Device Access Management

GAT shield provides the super admin or delegated auditor the opportunity to analyze data on whether a user is signing into a secondary account on their devices. This is particularly helpful in making sure students adhere to policy standards in terms of using the correct account sign in to their Google chrome devices.

Getting started

Given GAT Shield’s vast functional capabilities this post will outline two ways in which this auditing goal can be achieved.

Global Device Filter

Starting with the quickest way,

  1. Launch GAT shield and navigate to  User/Device Geo reporting.
  2. Launch instance filters.
  3. Select User/Device Explorer Tab
  4. select other users, is empty in the Filter definition 
  5. Apply filter

GAT Shield | Finding secondary users on Chrome Devices 1

Specific Device Filter

Another way to achieve this is to select the User/Chrome Device History explorer Tab and launch an instance filter from there.

GAT Shield | Finding secondary users on Chrome Devices 2

The results will display analysis on the device sign in as shown below.

GAT Shield | Finding secondary users on Chrome Devices 3




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