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GAT+ Shield, we can now filter by the Device OS

This can be used to find all users based on what Device OS or what Device OS version they use, while logged into your domain.

This filter allows filtering by Device OS and Device OS version in every audit section of the tool where this data is applicable.

GAT Shield | Filter by Device OS 1

Apply filter and search based on the Device OS and version on any of the Audit sections of Shield.

Filter by Device OS equals to any of the available options.

Chromium OS, Linux, macOS, and Windows

Filter Browsing activity only for Chrome OS devices as an example.


GAT Shield | Filter by Device OS 2

You can also filter by Device OS version

Apply a filter and search for Device OS ver. equal  10.15.4   ( the version of the OS)

GAT Shield | Filter by Device OS 3

For, this case above will show all the versions 10.15.4 – which is MacOS version.

For, example if typed 10  it will bring all Windows 10 devices – as the version is 10 


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