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GAT can export Chrome browsing data to a Google Cloud Project that you configure (beta).

GAT Shield browsing data will be extended by exporting it to a Google Cloud Project in GAT Shield

It works by saving the Browsing data files obtained from the Shield Extension in a Google Cloud Storage bucket that is owned by You.

The files are imported into a BigQuery table in the same project. You can then run your own tools to analyze the data.

Currently only available for Shield -Browsing data.


This can be done in GAT+ under Configuration > General > Settings

GAT Shield | Export Extended Chrome Browsing Data to a Google Cloud Project 1


Create an empty project, set the account 704012712966@project.gserviceaccount.com as one of the project owners in the project IAM configuration page.

Add the GCP Project ID in the empty field.

Click on Save GCP Project ID

Contact support@gatlabs.com for more information.


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