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Unlock Pre-approval is a feature of Unlock that allows Super Admins to take actions using Unlock without required approval by the Security officer on each request.

This is ideal for situations where Admins do not need to get constant approval for the Unlock feature:

  • Email – View, download, or remove emails and Set up Email delegation
  • Drive files – View file content, change ownership of files only if you have power over the /* ( all users ), 
  • Flow – Onboard, Offboard, Modify

Set up pre-approval

In GAT+ under Configuration click on the Security officer tab

GAT+ Set Up Pre-Approval for Unlock v2 1

On the top click on Access permissions 

Then click on + sign < Click here to create new preapproved access

A pop-up window will be displayed with options to filled in.

  • Authorized user – set the user who will have pre-approval enabled for them
  • Type
    • Emails
      • Can remove emails
      • Can add email delegation
    • Drive files
    • Flow
      • Onboarding
      • Offboarding
      • Modify
  • Scope – select what users will be covered
  • Valid until – select date until when the preapproval access will be enabled

GAT+ Set Up Pre-Approval for Unlock v2 2

When ready with the selection, click on the Save button.

Security officer

This request has to be approved by the Security officer, only once.

When approved, the Authorized user will have Unlock enabled, without requiring approval. 


Email – will have Unlock options will be available for all emails, no approval will be required to View email content, Download and Remove emails individually or in bulk.

GAT+ Set Up Pre-Approval for Unlock v2 3


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