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Users audit using Flow

GAT Flow allows admins to directly manage users. This direct access to the user account enables the Admin to view the current state of the User account and allowing them to perform actions such as Setting user Signature, Changing the users account details, Adding and Removing, Groups, Aliases, Phones, Addresses and more

The User module allows the admin to update the user data in real-time.

Users audit

In Flow navigate to the Users audit 

GAT Flow | Users audit 1

The “Users” tab will display a view with all the users of the domain.

The default view will show the User email, Org. Unit, Number of Groups, If the user is Admin or Suspended and the Last login date.

GAT Flow | Users audit 2

Take action

The Admin can apply a filter to find the User they want to update, then click on the “pen” icon on the right side.

This will show all the details for the user.

There are a few different sections that can be changed.

GAT Flow | Users audit 3

  • General
    • Email – change user email address
    • Private email – add, edit or remove the private email
    • First and Last name – add, edit or remove the First name and Last name of the user
    • Org. Unit – change the user Organization unit
    • Admin – set the user as Admin or remove those privileges
    • Suspend user – set the user as Suspended or Unsuspended
    • Global directory – enable the User to be visible or not in the Global directory
    • Recovery phone – add or remove the recovery phone number
    • Recovery email – add or remove a recovery email address
    • Department – add or remove department for the selected user
    • Title – add or remove title for the selected user
  • Aliases – Add or Remove user Aliases
  • Phones  – Add or Remove users phone number
    • Grand Central – enter the grand central phone number
    • Work – enter the work phone number
    • Home – enter the home phone number
    • Mobile – enter the mobile phone number
  • Addresses – Add or Remove user Addresses
    • Home – enter the home address
    • Other – enter the other address
    • Work – enter the work address
  • Password – set and change the user password
    • Enable change password at next login
  • Groups – Add and Remove users from the chosen Groups. Select the Group email and add the users’ role for the chose group
    • Member – add the user as a member to the chose group
    • Owner – add the user as an owner of the chosen group
    • Manager – add the user as a manager of the chosen group
  • Email signature – Allows the Admin to view the current signatures of the users. Using this option the Admin can directly change and update the signature.
    • View and select the – Send as email
      • For example: Send as Personal email or Send as from Group email
      • Set the name for the Signature
    • Use classic or HTML editor to create the signature
    • Pick a template for the Signature as the Workflow signature

GAT Flow | Users audit 4

When the Email signature is changed click on the Save button.


The user details will be updated right away and reflected in the Google Workspace Admin console.

The email signature change will be reflected in the Users Gmail after refresh.

Refresh user data

There is an option to “Refresh data” (scan now). If any details are not up to date or any recent changes were made in the Google Workspace Admin console, the Refresh button will sync the data with the Google Admin console.

GAT Flow | Users audit 5


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