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Take Productivity to New Heights by Automating Onboarding Processes Across Your Entire School Environment.

One of the most painfully repetitive chores an Admin has to do is onboarding, bulk modifying and offboarding users. GAT Flow has greatly simplified this process for Google Workspace by building workflows for adding and removing users to and from different organisation departments.
At last one supertool to mass onboard, modify and offboard students in the Google Workspace environment. You can also create a set of actions every time a teacher, student or staff are moved to a selected OU or group to simplify the users’ internal administration processes.

Save time and minimize costs.

One of those boring tasks just got a lot simpler to make your day a lot better!

GAT Flow covers everything from welcome emails and email signatures, to pre-loading files, pre-populating contacts and much more. Each workflow can be built from additional action sets, which can be combined. Every department can have its own unique workflow and every workflow can be fed individual user names or a list from a sheet. Save the workflow to use again and again.

Need to push a new signature template to all users, push a new folder structure to all members of an OU, or update all accounts with a new contact? With the modify workflow function, all these tasks and more are made easy. Better still, the Admin can save the workflow template to modify or reuse again.

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GAT Flow for Education 2

The GAT Flow offboarding feature provides ease of handling leavers in an organization.

All the contacts can be transferred to different users; users can be deleted from groups; mobile and ChromeOS devices can be wiped, and files and calendar events can be transferred to a new owner, so no information is lost.

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GAT Flow for Education 4

Meet the powerful GAT Suite

The GAT family of tools provides a layered family of solutions to help Admins and Managers understand, protect and change what is on their entire Google Workspace domain. These products build on each other, starting with GAT+ the base product, which provides domain-wide auditing of files, emails and much more using highly configurable filters, with output to screen and file. You can also carry out complete content searches of all user’s Drive, Email and Calendars.

With GAT Unlock sensitive tasks like changing file ownership or access, bulk removal of phishing emails, delegating email accounts and much more, are carried out in an audited environment where access is controlled with a unique ‘lock and key’ system. With GAT Flow bulk onboarding, offboarding and account modification can be carried out effortlessly with reusable sequenced task flows. GAT Shield extends all our auditing power and control to your chrome environment – with features too numerous to mention, you at last have full oversight and control over the complete browsing environment.

Finally GAT ActiveId, in conjunction with Google Cloud Premium Identity provides the first zero trust cloud environment for all your user’s browser based online sites. Extending protection beyond G suite to evey online site.

– The most powerful toolset yet developed for Google Workspace.