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How to deprovision ChromeOS devices (Chromebooks) in bulk?

GAT Flow is a User management tool part of the GAT Suite of products. It allows Google Workspace Admins to Onboard, Offboard, and Modify users of the domain.

It allows taking bulk action on multiple users at the same time. The actions the can be taken are for:

  • Email
  • Drive
  • Calendar
  • Users
  • Groups
  • Classrooms
  • Devices

For Devices, the Admin can take actions on Mobile, ChromeOS devices, and Google license assignments.

The actions on ChromeOS devices can be set up:

Set up workflow

Navigate and launch Flow.

GAT Flow | Bulk deprovision of ChromeOS (Chromebooks) 1

In Flow click on Create workflow and fill in the fields required.

Workflow type

  • Enter a name for the Workflow job
  • Set up the Flow type 
    • Modify – modify the ChromeOS devices
    • Offboard – modify the ChromeOS devices and remove the users

GAT Flow | Bulk deprovision of ChromeOS (Chromebooks) 2

  • Click on the Next button to proceed

Search for a user

In the “Search for a user” tab, select and add in the emails for all the Denoted users of the devices to be deprovisioned.

Important: The picked up users must be the Denoted users on the ChromeOS devices you want to deprovision 

GAT Flow | Bulk deprovision of ChromeOS (Chromebooks) 3

The users can be picked Individually by the User, by the Group of users, and Org. Unit of users

When the bulk users are selected click on Proceed to actions button

Choose actions

In “Choose actions” select the action you want to take.

In the menu on the left scroll down until you see Devices → Change ChromeOS device status 

GAT Flow | Bulk deprovision of ChromeOS (Chromebooks) 4

The Denoted user is used to locate and select the enrolled Chromebook

Note: Choose the action that will be done on user ChromeOS devices. The Denoted user is used to locate and select the enrolled Chromebook, where the action will take place

Few options will be available.

  • Disable – If you believe a device in your organization has been lost or stolen, you can disable the device so that no one else can use it. When a device is disabled, all the user can see when turning on the Chrome device is a screen telling them that it’s been disabled, and your desired contact information of where to return the device.
  • Deprovision – Remove a device from management that is no longer active, being resold, or is being submitted for return/repair, use the deprovision action to dissociate it from management.
    • Different model replacement
    • Retiring device
    • Same model replacement
  • Reenable – Re-enable a disabled device when a misplaced device is found or a lost device is returned. You can also use this feature if you accidentally mark a Chrome device as disabled.


When ready click on the “Send approval request” button.

Security officers will receive an email notification for approval, if pre-approval is enabled and used the action will take effect with no approval.

GAT Flow | Bulk deprovision of ChromeOS (Chromebooks) 5


When the Flow request is approved, the action will be placed in a queue to run. When the job is complete, all the ChromeOS devices for the Denoted users will be deprovisioned.

You can see the result and all the details in the Workflow menu on the left side, the Job status will be done if an issue could be partially or failed.

Click on the “eye” icon to see more details.

GAT Flow | Bulk deprovision of ChromeOS (Chromebooks) 6

Automated action

The above workflow of Deprovision ChromeOS devices can be set to run as Event workflow or Recurring workflow 


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