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Fix Orphaned Drive Files

GAT+ offers an option to Fix orphaned files, by returning them to their owner.

Orphaned Files are Google Drive Files that have no Parent folder.

Find Orphaned Files

Navigate to GAT+ → Drive → view the number of  Orphaned file in the overview table.

GAT+ | Fix Orphaned Files 1

Alternatively, you can find Orphaned files by applying a filter:

Flags contain Orphaned

GAT+ | Fix Orphaned Files 2

Additionally, you can apply an extra filter to view all Orphaned files by a specific user, etc.

  • Flag contains Orphaned
  • Owner equal UserX 

Fix orphaned files

Navigate to GAT+ → Drive → File management → Fix orphans

GAT+ | Fix Orphaned Files 3

A pop-up window will be displayed. Fill in the required details:

  • Folder – enter a name where the fixed files will be placed into. Files will be moved to this folder. It will be created if necessary
  • Users – there are two opinions:
    • Enter user emails whose Orphaned files you want to fix
      • This will affect all orphaned files on selected users’ My Drives (independent of the filter applied).
    • Process all – process and fix all orphaned files in your domain, no matter which users or filter is selected
      • This will affect all orphaned files in the domain (independent of the filter applied).

Fix orphans cannot be undone

Important note: This operation cannot be undone

Process all

Selecting this option will fix all orphaned files (no matter what filter is applied).

GAT+ | Fix Orphaned Files 4

Click on Process all then click the confirm button.

Specific users

Fix orphaned files for specific users. In the Users tab, enter the emails of the users, whose Orphaned files you want to fix.

GAT+ | Fix Orphaned Files 5

Click on the confirm button to proceed.


When you click to confirm, the job will be set to run.

The Orphaned files will be restored and placed into the owners’ Drive, under the “Orphaned” or custom chosen name.

GAT+ | Fix Orphaned Files 6

The records of the action will also be displayed in the Admin log.


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