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Dashboard Explained

GAT+ offers a dashboard an area to display clickable and actionable stats from different auditing areas. The most important stats are displayed within the Dashboard area.

GAT+ | Dashboard View Explained 1

Tabs within the Dashboard.


  • Login Map – Shows where logins occur from using the IP address of users or Google servers.
  • Login Feed – Log in events that are occurring near real-time. 
  • User Feed – User account event actions, a log of actions users are taking on their accounts. 
  • Overall stats about users and their security settings


  • Alerts Feed – Recent GAT+ Alert rule trigger event log
  • GAT+ Alert stats


  • Drive Feed – Recent Drive action logs, actions recently taken by users. 
  • Drive top external collaborators – Top 10 users collaborating with external users
  • Overall stats about files and folders across the entire organization’s Google Drive


  • Number of Meetings – per Day – Graph showing total number of calls per day. 
  • Google Meet clickable stats
  • Google Group Feed – Event actions taken on Google Groups, event log of all actions taken on Google Group setting or membership
  • Clickable Stats about Google Groups and Google Calendars

Apps and devices

  • Apps Feed – Event logs of Users interaction with 3rd Party Cloud Apps, are users authorizing 3rd Party App from gaining access to data? Or are they revoking permissions for 3rd Party Apps. 
  • Overall clickable stats about 3rd Party Apps, Mobile and ChromeOS Devices


Editing the Layout of tables

At the top right corner of the Dashboard area, there is an ability to edit the layout.

GAT+ | Dashboard View Explained 2


Depending on the tab you are currently on, you can edit the layout of the tables.


If you would like to run a trial of our products please install GAT+ from the Google Workspace Marketplace and contact us at support@gatlabs.com with any questions you may have.

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