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GAT+ allows an admin to find files based on User/Group or OU members.

For example you want to find all the files owned by members of a particular group.

Admin can also find files where members of this group have access to the files ,but not as owners of the files.
To see all the files where members of ‘Sales’ group has access, use the filter below.

GAT+: Find Files Shared to a Group 1

The result will display all files where members of sales group has any access to it whether as reader, editor or owner.  To search for more specific file you can choose an option from the ‘Definition’ and ‘Add rule’.
If an Admin want to find a file where the ‘Owner’ is a member of ‘Sales’ group.
Simply apply the rule above and choose the option ‘Owned’.

The screenshot above will find all the documents used by members of the Sales group, but not owned by them. In other words this is the list of documents shared to members of Sales Group.

This question could also be interpreted as wanting to know what documents are shared to the address ‘sales@yourdomain.com’ – this is a group address and should be viewed as a separate entity to the members of the group.

To do this with GAT you search for all documents with viewers/readers ‘sales@yourdomain.com’.

GAT+: Find Files Shared to a Group 2

And repeat for Editors by selecting ‘Editors’  equals sales@yourdomain.com.

Using the filter option you can combine ‘Editors’ and ‘Readers to perform the search.

GAT+: Find Files Shared to a Group 3

Note, you can never have an owner of a document as a ‘group’ so in this case you could also use the selector ‘Users’ to cover both editors and viewers in a single search.

GAT+: Find Files Shared to a Group 4

There are multiple different option to find exactly what you need involving group and member of a group.

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