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How to Find and Transfer Ownership of Mp3 Files

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Find MP3 files

You can find MP3 files by using the mime-type search parameters.

Navigate to Drive → Files → ‘Apply custom filter’.

You can then apply the following search parameter:

  1. Select the search parameter MimeType equals audio/mp3
  2. Add Rule to add an optional search parameter called ‘Sharing Flags’ doesn’t contain Shared in
    • This will ignore all files which are shared in your domain

      Note: you have no administrative control over files shared in.

  3. Click on ‘Apply‘ to apply the search.

GAT Unlock | Find and Transfer Ownership of Mp3 Files 1

When the search results appear you can then select files individually or all in bulk (check-mark beside Title)

Change ownership

Finally, when you have selected the mp4 files you want to transfer ownership of, click on ‘File Operations‘ then select ‘File Management‘ from the drop-down menu

GAT Unlock | Find and Transfer Ownership of Mp3 Files 2

Enter the new owners’ email and perform additional changes if you would like to then click on select Send request.

GAT Unlock | Find and Transfer Ownership of Mp3 Files 3


Your security officer will receive an email that will ask for the approval of the request.

When it is approved the Ownership of the selected mp3 files will be changed to the new owner.

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