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Share Alert rules between Google Workspace domains. It is easy to share cool or sophisticated alert rules from your domain to another. Just send the second Admin the Rule json export file, Here’s how:

In GAT Shield, under Alert rules it is possible to create a large number of very different and sophisticated rules for Google Workspace. GAT has made it easy for Google Workspace Admins to share these rules.

Beside each rule an Admin can click on the download button to download the json description of the rule. This is a simple format text file.

GAT Shield: Export and Import Alert Rules for Google Workspace 1

The json file looks like this …

“id”: “5c5421f84c4a800df06d1fd9”,
“name”: “Guns Alert”,
“type”: “inspection”,
“active”: true,
“unique”: false,
“regex”: “(\\b)(buy a gun)|(sell a gun)|(shoot a gun)|(shoot a kid)|(shoot a faggot)|(shoot a queer)|(bullets)|(ammo).*?(\\b)”,
“alertAction”: “warn”,
“alertActionMsg”: “‘$text’ violated ‘$name’ rule.”,
“alertNotify”: true,
“alertThreshold”: 2,
“reportMatch”: true,
“reportScreen”: true,
“reportVideo”: false,
“pageKeywords”: [
“word”: “gun”,
“weight”: 2
“created”: 1549017594860,
“modified”: 1554970681488,
“createdBy”: “user@generalaudittool.com”,
“modifiedBy”: “user2@generalaudittool.com”,
“ruleRecipients”: [
“alertRecipients”: [
“_id”: “5c5421f84c4a800df06d1fd9”

The Admin can then send that file to another Admin on a different domain. The second Admin can change references to the old domain and insert his address and domain into the file in the same locations. The rule can then be uploaded into the new domain with the rule ‘Upload’ button and selecting the modified json file.

GAT Shield: Export and Import Alert Rules for Google Workspace 2

Once the rule it uploaded it can be further edited and refined by the Admin on the new domain.

In this way, rules can be shared easily between different Admins and Domains.

Thanks for sharing and spreading the word!