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A group in Google email can either be an address or a collection of people (all the members of example@generalaudittool.com).

This is an important distinction for auditing purposes. Sometimes you want to audit for the group address, sometimes you want to audit for the collection of people.

In GAT+ Email audit you can do both.

To audit for email sent specifically from the address ‘support@generalaudittool.com’.
We open Email audit – User statistics – Apply Filter – Select Type – Select Date From/To and search for the Email address

GAT+: Email Groups 1

In the above, we search for emails sent from/to one week in this case for emails sent and received from support@generalaudittool.com

To audit for all the email sent by members of the group, use the search by Group.

GAT+: Email Groups 2

The result will be displayed in a manner of received/sent emails by each of the members for each of the days and from each email, they were sent from( as member of support can be a member of sales group too).

GAT+: Email Groups 3

The ‘User’ is a member of the Group we searched for, and ‘Email’ is from which account it was sent from.
For example – a member of Support sent email from Sales if they are a member of both groups.

This filter set in the email auditing module allows the larger domains to get the spreadsheets they require for all group email activity.

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