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GAT has enhanced its Google Workspace Google Email Audit with detailed auditing for daily usage statistics.

GAT+: User's Email Statistics 1

The default view of User Statistics will be displaying details such as User, the email addresses associated with the account and the date, followed by the info and the email number themselves.

You can also search for an individual user and see the statistics for them, again it is based on the search parameters you choose, giving the admins multiple choices to narrow down the search.

GAT+: User's Email Statistics 2

In the example above we search for 1 account and there are 4 email addresses associated with the user. It shows the statistics for each of the Emails. All fields are clickable and will lead you to the emails when selected.

GAT+: User's Email Statistics 3

We also provide ‘Summary Statistics’ where you can filter the user again, but this time it will display more historical data based on  ‘date from’ and ‘date to’ which covers 3 months back instead of a simple day.

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