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Out of Hours Email Activity Reporting

In France, the legal length of the working week is 35 hours in all types of companies with more than 50 employees. The working day may not exceed 10 hours. Furthermore, employees may not work for more than 4.5 hours without a break. The maximum working day may be extended to 12 hours under a collective agreement.

If you wish to enforce this policy throughout your organization you can utilize GAT Shield. Let’s presume you already know about Shield and utilize it within your organization.

You have the ability as a super admin to enforce the French working hours after getting proper approval from your management team.

Navigate to the Configuration area of GAT Shield. In the Login Control section.

GAT Shield: Out of Hours Email Activity Reporting 1

Now, I will create a time frame window outside of this time frame users on my domain won’t be allowed to log into their Google Workspace account to check emails or other cloud services.

The below example covers 9AM to 7PM.

Login time window (from): 0 0 9 ? * MON-FRI *

Login time window (to): 0 0 18 ? * MON-FRI *

GAT Shield: Out of Hours Email Activity Reporting 2

This means my employees can log in and do their work from 9 AM to 7 PM after which they will be blocked.

If you don’t wish to block entry into the account when users are out of hour you can report on your employee’s activities using GAT Shield User Activity section. This will show you when a user was active and what sites they went to throughout a given day.

GAT Shield: Out of Hours Email Activity Reporting 3
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