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Download our step-by-step guide and take your physical classroom online in Google Workspace.

An e-Guide by GAT Labs & Kim Mattina

e-Guide Taking your Physical Classroom Online in Google Workspace. 1
e-Guide Taking your Physical Classroom Online in Google Workspace. 2

This e-Guide provides K-12 teachers with SIX easy-to-follow steps and tips on online teaching in Google Workspace for the new school year 2020-2021. 

From packing your physical classroom the right way, to understanding the digital tools you have and how to best use them to Maximise and Secure your online teaching environment in Google Workspace.

  • STEP ONE: The Physical VS. Digital Classroom — Key Components?
  • STEP TWO: Build your Digital Classroom – Ultimate EdTech Toolbelt
  • STEP THREE: Manage your Digital Classroom & Measure Engagement
  • STEP FOUR: View things from your Students’ Perspective
  • STEP FIVE: Keep your Students Safe Online
  • STEP SIX: Constantly Check for the Right Insights
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