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Are you having trouble finding unused inactive Google groups?

GAT+ has an audit that identifies the ‚Äėlast use‚Äô date of all Google Groups, even if that is a future date.

Looking at Google Group names used in email, file sharing, calendars, and group activity, it identifies if the group was in use recently or even if it is part of a future scheduled event, thus allowing the Admin to make a safer judgment call on whether the group can be deleted or not.

Open GAT+ and navigate to Groups.

GAT+: Discover and Identify Inactive Google Groups 1

In Groups select Last used address

GAT+: Discover and Identify Inactive Google Groups 2

Here you can check and filter by different options for Group email usage.

Filter by when the group email was:

  • Last used
  • File use date,
  • Email use date
  • Calendar event start date
  • Group member addition date

The report also supports many additional columns so context can be added.

Clicking on each of the fields will filter the list based on the selected filed.

GAT+: Discover and Identify Inactive Google Groups 3

You can save the added or removed columns, click on what you want to be displayed, then click on Save as default then click Apply.

This view will be displayed every time you come to this section of the tool.


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