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Daily User Activity Gmail Report

Google Workspace super admins regularly are tasked with generating daily user statistics for emails sent or received by each user taking into consideration emails sent by users using account aliases.

GAT+ makes this possible by reporting on this activity and allowing admins to configure a daily report.

Individual User statistics 

Navigate to GAT+ → Email → User statistics  

GAT+ | Daily User Activity Gmail Report 1

Select the options required.

  • Daily statistics – Pick this option for daily stats
  • Select user – Enter the user email you are looking for
  • Date – Pick the date you want the stats for
  • Filter data – click this button to filter and get the result 

The above will give daily stats for an individual user of the domain 

Multiple users statistics 

On the right-hand side click on the ‘Apply custom filter’ button to select multiple users and define scheduled reports.

GAT+ | Daily User Activity Gmail Report 2

In the pop-up menu apply the filters necessary. 

  • Name – Enter the name for this report 
  • Type – Stats by Date range and users 
  • Select the users
    • Local user
    • Group
    • Org. unit 
      • include or not sub org. unit 
GAT+ | Daily User Activity Gmail Report 3

NOTE: No need to select User/Group/Org.Unit – if just Date from/to are selected clicking on Apply will give result 


When the Date and Users are selected, you can click on the Apply button to see the result.

 This can also be set as a Scheduled report. Click on the Scheduled button and fill in the necessary details

  • Scheduled – Enable the option to schedule 
  • Occurrence – Pick the recurring time when the report to be generated 
  • Enabled – Enable or disable the report 
  • Recipients – Enter the recipients of the alert 
  • Output type – Select any of the options available
  • Custom path and filename – Enter the custom path where the report will be placed into
  • Action for no result – Select any of the options, based on which the result will be uploaded or not
  • Apply & Schedule – Click to schedule the repot 

GAT+ | Daily User Activity Gmail Report 4

The scheduled report will generate a Google Spreadsheet based on the occurrence time and the recipients will receive it.


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