Are you an enterprise or school using Google Workspace?

 Chances are that your organisation or school may need to move or have moved to remote work or ‘stay at home’ learning. No productivity or learning environment is better suited to support such change in work or study practices than Google Workspace, and no Google Workspace add-on tool is better positioned to monitor remote work security and activity than GAT+ and GAT Shield.

Google Workspace tools like docs, Hangouts Meet and Classrooms enable you to work remotely with ease and convenience. Meanwhile, GAT allows you to monitor user activity by the minute and generate accurate reports for management, thereby covering all the necessary aspects of remote work. Not only so, but utmost security is simultaneously ensured throughout your Google Workspace environment at all times.

The Need for Remote Work Security & Monitoring: Is Your IT Team Ready?

GAT+’s superb family of products helps you move your workforce or student body to home locations with ease of mind. With GAT+ you get the additional comfort of ensuring that all your data is safe (external file share scanning with GAT+), Data Loss Prevention is enforced on all websites (GAT Shield’s real-time DLP), users’ identities are continuously verified (Zero-trust enforcement with ActiveID), and activity and time for all tasks is measured down to the minute (Shield browsing reporter).

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