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GAT Unlock with its established and secure approval process now allows super admins or delegated auditors the ability to copy folders across any users myDrive.

A folder can be copied at any level of a folder tree. You can even copy folders owned by external users. Folders owned by external users are labeled as Shared in.

If you wish to copy folders owned by external users the following condition must be valid, there should at least be one user from your domain with editor or reader permission to the folder.

The copied folders will not retain the ACL permissions (previous editors or reader permissions) after being copied.

Steps to copy a folder

1. In Drive audit, Files tab, locate a folder you wish to copy.

This folder can be owned by a user on your own domain or by an external user.

2. Click on the dropdown menu option which is right next to the folder title.

GAT Unlock: 'Copy this Folder' Feature 1

3. A wizard dialog pop up will appear to display the information about the folder.

GAT Unlock: 'Copy this Folder' Feature 2

4. Click Next.

5. On the second page of the wizard pop-up, enter the new owner who will receive a copy of this folder and its contents.

Select the user Drive or any particular folder

Select Advanced mode – To manually set Parent Folder ID

GAT Unlock: 'Copy this Folder' Feature 3

6. Click on Send request to proceed further

7. Your security officer will get an email with a link to redirect them to the Security Officer dashboard in GAT+.    

GAT Unlock: 'Copy this Folder' Feature 4


8. Navigate to Copy management on the top bar.

The request will be found here and the Security officer can Approve or deny the request.


GAT Unlock: 'Copy this Folder' Feature 5

9. Once approved the folder copy process will begin.

The security officer will be able to review the state of this request. In the Files & Folders Summary table, you will see if all of the files were successfully copied.

GAT Unlock: 'Copy this Folder' Feature 6



The Folder will be copied with its content and located in the selected user MyDrive

GAT Unlock: 'Copy this Folder' Feature 7

In conclusion, this feature allows your organization to take control of files inside the copied folder that may contain confidential material or proprietary information that needs to be transferred to your organization.

Whether the folder is owned by your organization or whether the owner of the folder is external (shared in) you can effectively secure their contents under the possession of your domain.

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