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Looking for a way to Copy or Transfer Google Shared Drive Files and Folders ? — Here’s all you need to know…

There are no Google APIs that allow actions such as Copying files from Shared Drives and Moving them to another Shared Drive.

Actions NOT allowed on Shared Drives

Due to this limitation from G00gle, GAT+ does not allow the following actions for Shared Drives:

  • Change ownership of Shared Drives – This is NOT possible due to the fact that the Shared Drives don’t have Owners
  • Copy files/folders of Shared Drives – This is NOT possible as Google APIs do not allow iterations on Shared Drives

Note: The above actions are available for Google Drive Files/Folders

The above actions are allowed for Drive files – see the examples below

Actions Allowed on Shared Drives

Using GAT+ an Admin can:

  • Add –  Add users as (Commenter/Viewer/Contributor/Manager/Content Manager)
  • Remove  – Remove users as (Commenter/Viewer/Contributor/Manager/Content Manager)
  • Replace – Replace existing permissions/users as (Commenter/Viewer/Contributor/Manager/Content Manager)
  • Settings management of Shared Drives:
    • Sharing only inside a domain
    • Sharing only with drive members
    • Only Contributors can download, copy and print

The below posts show you in detail how these actions can be made:


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