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GAT for Chrome allows users to configure sup-pages

This allows you to configure a page beneath a site and GAT will then monitor activity not just on the site, but also on that specific page. An example is preloaded for you to show how to track visits to the GAT Tech-Tips page for its Google Apps Audit Tool.

Here’s the link.

GAT configuration

You only have to fill out two of the fields, the domain and the subpage. From the URL the domain field is generalaudittool.com and from the sub-page the field is help-docs. The ‘Name field is optional. If it is not filled in, the URL will be used in the reports. Sometimes the URL can be very long and not so clear, so it is nice to have the option to give it a meaningful name.

In the screenshot above we also see some examples of tracking usage of specific Google tools.  For example, if you want to know how long you spend each day building Google Slide presentations, take the first part of the Google Apps slide tool URL –


The Domain is docs.google.com

The Subpage is /a/bsn.ie/presentations

(because here the example domain is bsn.ie – for this part you should see your own domain name). And finally, we give the rule it’s own name ‘Presentations’.  


This will appear in the Browsing Activity Visualization like

GAT's browsing activity visualisation

To remove a rule just click the rubbish bin beside it in Special Cases table. 

Thanks for sharing and spreading the word!