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Manage Guest Mode in Chromebooks

Have you deployed Managed Guest Sessions on your Chrome fleet, but have no idea how the devices are being used?

Have you a need to report on or monitor value for money return from your Chromebooks in Guest Mode?

Do you need to monitor Guest Mode Chrome device locations, alerting when one is removed from the premises?

Do you need to ensure the proper usage of these devices?

Whether your devices are customer facing and based in lobbies, or internal in warehouse or workplace situations, GAT Shield can provide you with detail on time of use, sites visited, location and much more.


It will allow you to track in detail Chromebook Guest Mode use of internal sites, helping you identify which sites are working and which pages are bottlenecks. It can provide you Google Analytics like flow analyses even for web sites you don’t own. It can help you improve device utilisation and even help optimise usage location.

GAT Shield has a wide range of reporting that allows you to see in detail the usage of your devices while protecting the anonymity of your users. In addition, it allows you to enforce rules to prevent unauthorised browsing or detect and alert against the use of abusive or inappropriate language. It offers multiple security features that can be enabled on an as needed basis. It can protect users or members of the public from viewing inappropriate content.  You can even take protective action if devices change location.

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