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Do you want to track down a missing device?

Do you know the serial number? Know the last person using the device?

If yes, you can use GAT Shield Device Usage alert to get notified.

How to Configure this Alert.

1. Launch the GAT Shield tool.

GAT Shield: Chrome 'Device Usage' Alerts 1


2. Enter the ‘Alert Rules’ section and select Device usage from the ‘Add a rule drop-down menu.


GAT Shield: Chrome 'Device Usage' Alerts 2


4. Give the rule a meaningful name. Check the box to activate the rule.

Now, enter the user’s email address and/or serial number. If both are entered one of them will take precedence if detected first when the rule is triggered on the device.

GAT Shield: Chrome 'Device Usage' Alerts 3


5. Check the box Report Screen Capture to take a screenshot of the page they were browsing at the time the rule is fired.

6. Optionally you can take a webcam picture of the person behind the device.

7. There is an option to display a message to the user if you turn ON End-user action.

Once the alert is triggered an email is sent to the Google Workspace Super Admin.

GAT Shield: Chrome 'Device Usage' Alerts 4

When GAT  Shield receives a signal that the device is active.

The admin will receive an email with a screenshot of the page opened, and location on a map where the device is located.

The Device Usage rule will be switched to disabled once the rule is fired to prevent getting multiple alerts for the same user or device.

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