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Change the Organizer of a Google Calendar event

GAT Audit tool allows Admins to manage ALL Users’ Google Calendars.

Using the Google Calendar audit feature in GAT+ an Admin can:

An admin can also use GAT+ to Change the Organizer of a particular Calendar Event.

Change Organizer

Navigate to GAT+ → Calendars → Calendar Events → Select Calendar Event → Change organizer 

To “Select the Calendar event” – click the  “Apply custom filter” button and search for the Calendar Event that needs to be changed.

When the “Calendar Event” is found, click the “arrow” button under Actions.

GAT+ | Change the Organizer of a Google Calendar Event 1

Click the “Change organizer” button.

A new pop-up window will be displayed.

  • Current organizer – View who is the current organizer
  • New organizer –  Enter the email of the New organizer 
  • Click on the Change organizer button

GAT+ | Change the Organizer of a Google Calendar Event 2


The Calendar organizer will be changed. This will be automatically reflected in the Google Calendar

The Calendar event will have a new Organizer.

The Calendar organizer change will be instantly reflected in the Google Calendar.

Note: For this data to be reflected in GAT+ console, a new scan will be required


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