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We have added a bulk import/change/deletion (add-update-remove) of user accounts for G suite domains.

This feature is enabled by the export, change, and import of a spreadsheet.

As a first step Google Workspace Admins should export some or all of the existing users to create the template spreadsheet.

(Tip, filter first for a small OU to get a manageable list of users, thus creating a smaller spreadsheet in terms of size.)

GAT+: Bulk Add-Update-Remove Google User Accounts 1

Once GAT+ creates the spreadsheet the Admin will be given a pop-up offering a ‘Click to view’ link for opening the sheet.

GAT+: Bulk Add-Update-Remove Google User Accounts 2

From here the Admin can modify the spreadsheet. All changes on the sheet will be reflected in the Users accounts.

GAT+: Bulk Add-Update-Remove Google User Accounts 3

Admins will be able to:

  • change names, add to, change or remove users from OU,
  • add or remove user email aliases,
  • add or remove group membership for each user,
  • set Super Admin rights,
  • suspend accounts
  • and delete accounts.

You can also change/remove the photos. Here’s a post about how to bulk remove Google profile photos.

To delete accounts you remove the account ‘id’ and change the ‘Is_Deleted’ column to ‘Yes’ for each user account you wish to delete.

To add new accounts first ensure the Google Workspace license space exists.

Add a new row with an email address and Name, along with other details.
Do not add value for ID or Alias. Ensure ‘IS_SUSPENDED’ and ‘IS_DELETED’ are both set to ‘No’.

Accounts created will automatically have a randomly generated password created for the account and a copy of the password will be written to a new spreadsheet.
For the new accounts, this new spreadsheet will be created and it will be situated in the folder “GAT/{domain_folder}/GeneratedUsers/{current_date}/

See ‘Add’ walkthrough video.

This feature set is particularly useful for education domains where bulk changes are frequent.

Before using this feature, in the Google Workspace Admin console, under Apps, Marketplace Apps, check that GAT+ is enabled for ‘Everyone’ and that Data access is ‘Granted’.

Thanks for sharing and spreading the word!