Project Description

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Google is expanding its advanced assistive writing features in Google Docs and Gmail to Spanish.

Last year, Google introduced grammar suggestions powered by neural-networks for the English language. Now, it’s using the same technology to provide grammar suggestions as you type in Spanish.

Language will be detected automatically, and even if you switch between writing in Spanish and English, Google will provide the appropriate grammar suggestions. These capabilities can help you write faster, more accurately, and with more confidence.

Later this year, Google is also planning to make spelling autocorrect and Smart Compose available to Spanish language users. Learn more about the expansion of Google’s Spanish language assistive writing features on our Cloud Blog.

Spanish grammar suggestions now available in Google Docs and Gmail 1


Getting started


Rollout pace



  • Available to Google Workspace Basic, Google Workspace Business, Google Workspace Essentials, Google Workspace Enterprise Essentials, and Google Workspace Enterprise customers.
  • Not yet available to Google Workspace for Education, Google Workspace Enterprise for Education, and Google Workspace for Nonprofits customers, as well as users with personal Google accounts.
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