Project Description

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Google is launching a beta for a new API to manage company-owned and personal mobile devices and desktop devices. It will work for devices managed via fundamental management, endpoint verification, Drive File Steam, and enhanced desktop security for Windows. Find out more about device management in Google Workspace.
The new API is part of the Cloud Identity API, and will eventually replace the Admin SDK Directory API used to manage mobile devices.

Who’s impacted

Admins and developers

Why you’d use it

The new API includes all the capabilities of the Admin SDK Directory API it will replace. In addition, it adds these new features over and above the Admin SDK:
  • Ability to create and manage company owned devices
  • Ability to manage Windows devices registered with the Google Credential Provider for Windows
  • Ability to manage desktop services such as those with the “Endpoint Verification” extension or those with Drive File Stream installed on them

Getting started

Rollout pace


  • The beta is open to all Google Workspace customers.
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